Irene and Carlo spouses

Monte Conero, 26 September 2020 “Stefania accompanied us in our wedding… it was really nice to have her by our side on such a special day for us. She always made us feel at ease, even with her original proposals of hers. Her presence has always been discreet and never …

feedback Giusi and Andy spouses … after de wedding

11 september 2020 Senigallia “What can I say ….. she made that day wonderful, unforgettable she is a fantastic girl, she manages to make you feel at ease, she did an impeccable service !! I recommend it 100%” Giusi and Andy

Alessandra e Emanuele spouses

Ancona, 6 July 2019 “When organizing a wedding there are a thousand things to think about, so many choices to make and just as many people to trust until that day is unique, unforgettable … perfect. Let’s say that our marriage was based on a principle that followed it from …

Letizia e Alessandro spouses

Ancona, 9 June 2019 “A photographer careful to the tastes and needs of the spouses, with a remarkable artistic vein capable of capturing the essence of the moments. Thanks for your work! ” Letizia and Alessandro

addio al nubilato ” pin up”

Ancona, Italy – May 5, 2019″Stefania was truly exceptional. We have contacted you for hen party. She was extremely available, she had great ideas for the photo shooting. She is nice and professional and and the shooting was a success!”

Cinzia e Armend

Porto Sant Elpidio, August 21, 2017 “Professional,helpful,very creative and she realizes more than she owes…she makes you feel comfortable.She is the top photographer for those who want to have memories at the confines of reality.” Cinzia and Armend

Alessandra e Daniele

Ancona, 10 September 2016 “A great photographer, precise and punctual my husband and I had a great time with her. We also had several original ideas on how to take pictures, even with the frame of Instagram and she helped us to achieve everything we wanted, she made of gorgeous …


Ancona 2 May 2015 “A special day like marriage should be left to professionals: Stefania we found ourselves immediately in tune, and the result was excellent. Thank you Stefania for making permanent any time of the day!” Barbara and Alessio

Serena e Mauro

Macerata, February 28, 2015 “Stefania photographed our wedding and we were very pleased by his professionalism, including the attention to every detail” Serena and Mauro


Jesi 06/19/2014 “Your originality and your sensitivity have made this a unique photo story, capturing special moments unforgettable for us! Thank you Stefania!” Valentina and Diego


11/24/2013 “By Stefania there was immediately understood how we wanted them to be pictures of our wedding. Not the usual and traditional photo set, but real, spontaneous and seize it the essence of our union. Stefania has succeeded in giving full thus, through his photos, and those of his collaborators, …


Serra dei Conti 01/11/2013 “Stefania has a photographic virtues unusual: make you feel at ease and at the same time the protagonist during a special day and intense emotions. The memories that he gave us with his shots will take them with us in a simple and natural. Thanks to …


Station of Osimo (AN) 11/01/2013 “Thanks Stefania , because your shots have set the emotions of our best day and relive every time I browse this beautiful album.” Angela and Lorenzo


Serra San Quirico 21/007/2012 “I had a common idea for our wedding: the report. The first time we went to Stefania, we knew immediately that it was the photographer fits noi.Possiamo say leave them carte blanche was the best decision we could make. browse the album is like going back …


Ancona 01/04/2012 “Thank you so much for your availability and for the quality with which you have followed us. Regards” Ludovica and Andrea


New York 15/09/2011 “We were really lucky to find a pair of very creative photographers, funny, and practically invisible during the ceremony. Their style ‘reportage’ has left us very satisfied and made us think about the next opportunity to we can meet again. ” “It was a pleasure to have …


polverigi 03/09/2011 “Thank you Stefania we’ll relive our best day whenever we want. Looking at your photos we realized the spontaneity that you have made us live” Gianluca and Roberta


Castelfidardo 24/07/2011 “In that day special for us Stefania has perfectly captured our emotions and our spontaneity, telling with the his photos the novel of our marriage …. Thank you !!” Roberta and Michele


Paris 24/07/2011 “From the first moment we saw the photos of Stefania , there were no doubts, we wanted her to our matrimonio.Le photos of Stefania, Stefano and Daniela tell . everything done with sympathy, unique discretion and professionalism. “” Quand on a vu les photos de Stefania, on n’a …


Ancona 09/07/2011 “Stefania have hooked us for his ability to capture the best moments in a spontaneous way and at the same time original …. and it is also thanks to you that we will not forget this day …. “Michela and Roberto


Serra San Quirico 25/06/2011 “Through your shots imprinted in the pages of a book, the emotion and the feelings of the most beautiful of our days.” Giancarlo and Sonia


Fabriano 18/09/2010 “Thanks! Why with a new way of telling the wedding you made us live with lightweight all moments of a day that will be forever! Thanks! Why your unsolicited professionalism made us closer to photography! simply thank you! Why we found a girlfriend! ” Paul and Lucia


Osimo 17/07/2010 “With Stefania we have lived the day of our wedding with normal and spontaneous, doing what we love to do and that more belongs to us …… and perhaps this” normality “has made for us unforgettable “Francis and Romina


Macerata 26/06/2010 “With Stefania we liked right away and chosen. We are always traveling around Italy and Stefy was good to go gently in our times , to listen to our stories and in tune with our pensieri.La its availability has meant that nothing proves we divertiti.Spero all in …


Ancona 31/05/2009 “The day of our wedding, it rained more, but thanks to Stefania and Emanuela (wedding ns.fotografe), our wedding photo book came even better … Just a great professional could transform the stormy sea in the charming and magical setting that is. Thank you so much! ” Elizabeth and …